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Good news / Bad News

Sooo... good news/bad news....thing..

The good news is that I still have a job, at least ten hours a week. The bad news is that it's still not a full time job... but hey they need me around ^.^ for how long, is still a question that can't be answered just yet.

Granted, I appreciate what Jane's done. And I'm not sure how she pulled it off with HR, but they let her make an exception in my case. I'm the only Library Assistant who's still a student in uni working there now. As per beginning of this year, no student can work at the library. But since I have 3 years of experience with this library under my belt...and I'm actually competent in my job...Jane admitted they owe me something for my dedication and all that I've done at the library for the past three years. Always nice to know you're wanted.

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