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Jackie's at it again...

Well.. heh...once again my muses kept me up pretty much most of the night... wow.. Jackie sure talks alot.. and some of the things she says isn't something Id' have thought she'd do....but I guess it works if I'm writing stuff...

I'm quite satisfied with hwo she's turning out so far. She's definitely more established now than she was when i started with the Horizon.

now if I could just get my head around a decent plotline or several.. I need to sit down and plot a few missions out. Not to mention update her biography properly than a few lines at a time, but I suppose even that is good right now.

I got 6 pages written down of the pre-Horizon fic, which is all good, even if I am only a quarter way through a single scene O.o .

Though, I wish she'd talk more coherently at times...

real life wise... I'm a bit weary lately during the day which might be explained by my lack of apparent sleep and the flu/bug I'm still down with, although now it's just a really really sore throat and a horribly blocked nose. Warm liquids help plenty tho' and so does work. Really.

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