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I think my muses have a thing against me....even if I did get off the computer at twenty to 4 in the morning (or mum would've killed me...)

but rest assurred I've been in bed leafing through books and the stuff I've written before to come up with ideas and plots for the Horizon and TF58.

And gee...

not only did I stay up pretty much all night long with lots of interesting images in my mind of how a storyline would play out; I mean like a literal dialogue and chronological order of things.... but I get stumped when I try to write it/put it into words; and it's funky...weird/funky.  But Jackie's been talking again. in images rather. heh. bridging the gap between OOC and IC things on the Horizon and with Task Force 58.

She's talking rather vividly in my mind right now. And she's not the same as she was in 2003, not exactly. She's more 'relaxed' this time around, more .... 'off the wall' and spontaneous on her own rather than because of someone else...

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