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'nother bleh day...I stayed up watching NCIS tapes again. yeah I'm heading down that way again... *sigh*

 :: mutter :: tried installing Fedora, bloody CD has a corrupted file so setup doesn't get far.  tempcap-5.4-4 missing or corrupted. it wiped the system and gets through the pre-set up things but doesn't complete it. :: beats :: what are the bloody odds I get a crummy CD?!? :: bites CD, mutters::

Took my mind off of things by diving into TF58 website, that's mostly up and official over at now.

Now downloading a backup of the Horizon's site so I can fiddle with that.

To top things off Dubai's ruler croaked in Australia today morning...40 days of mourning and the works a-la what went on when Zayed died last year (gee they seem to die alot here lately... O.o)

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