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thinking about creating an LJ just for my writing stuff.. fics and articles, to seperate things from this one. but I need a 'creative' name of sorts, and i can't really come up with one... argh.. >.>

creative_scorpion is about the best I can do with right now... O.o

edit: might be slightly offtopic, but I just had to put that in..

[Gaffer] 44 you know mackie's Mobile number... is it+44[numberremoved]
[Gaffer] err do you
[Gibbs] yeah
[Gaffer] ah thought so

If you thought so, why the hell did you ASK?! and no "thanks" , no nothing?! just "ah thought so" if you're such a Mr Know it all, why bother asking questions at all... geez! :: slaps with a brick wall::

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