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CV stuff

Tweaking my CV right now. and boy hoo boy does it look way outta DATE O.o and... lame.. I mean not like I can put my TFCO stuff in there, albeit it's a very good experience in management and whatnot, but sadly that's not how things eh...

At the moment my Professional Objective is: "To continue with my ambition to develop my previously learned library hands on experience to that of a qualified professional while continuing to work in a library environment. "

Which I suppose isn't too bad right now. I'm trying to convey the fact that I'm planning a Master's via distance learning in literacy whilst I'm working; so yeah.

I hate writing CVs, they never convey the full 'thing' of a person. Just because someone has a degree in XYZ doesnt' mean they're a good worker in that field, just like if someone doesn't have ad egree in a certain field doesn't mean they're a complete moron.
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