Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Task Force rambles

Well.. I've been toying with the new TF58 website along with Taylor. Well he's been doing the fixes mostly, I'm pretty sure I'd be completely lost without 'im. So thanks Dan-o :)

Site wont' go public until I fix up everything, and that'll take some time, as I'm tredding carefully, this is the unknown zone to me. Although it's interesting how I start looking at the code and putting two and two together and making sense of it, but I couldn't write it from scratch myself even if my life depended on it!

Tomorrow's Java final will prove that... Heh.

To do list for after the finals (sort of long term/during the 'break):
  • Task Force 58 website
  • USS Horizon website
  • TF58 and Horizon Wikipedia entries
  • Slogans for TF58 and Horizon to put on banners
  • Jackie's Bio for a major overhaul
  • Horizon plots
  • Pre-Horizon fic, maybe a few fic-lets
Am I forgettin' anything...? :: scratches head, looks under a rock::

And why do people say Jackie has an evil sorta look in that avatar? O.o

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