Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

New character on my simm. my TF2XO is going to play a reporter, we're just throwing ideas around to get things going on the sidelines of doing a joint post with him for his ship, a cameo of sorts.

Jackie Clawson: we'll figure out a way to bring you aboard and to keep you in the plots.
mrclark2380: I've had a short chance to do a character like this once before... Kind of a "war corrispondant" feel to it.
mrclark2380: mixed with a White House reporter.
Jackie Clawson: yeah.. i hear ya.
mrclark2380: he'll be your best friend, and biggest pain in the ass.
Jackie Clawson: does he like coffee? :P

Ah yes.. coffee.... that definitely helps with forming a friendship :D Hehehe

And finally got a chance to talk to my TF2XO regarding TF things. So off to a good start with that too.
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