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Daily blurb

The more I look at and the variety of DVD sets that aren't available here, the more I curse this country for not having 'em and for giving students heck by not letting them have a credit card... (could charge it to dad's but he's slighlty paranoid over his card number floating around the net...and Darky's too stingy to let me use his card to purchase anything even if I tell him I'll give him the cash right away! Geez...)

Dad'n'mom bought Seasons 2 to 5 of the Simpsons for Darky today. At $63 bucks a set! (and they say I'm bad when I get Stargate DVDs; not to mention I'm trying to wait until Voyager sets go down to a reasonable price (I'm not paying $130 a set!) or order 'em from overseas through a friend of'll come out much cheaper than here if they get released here.

Guess I'll wait until I can get in touch with Subria again after the holidays, to see if he can get me my Stargate Season 8 box set along with Third Rock from the Sun, and a bunch of others. Voyager too maybe... I was very surprised I found Murphy Brown season one here.  O.o and at a very reasonable price too...they must've been high or something when they set those prices. Nuts to them.

But...not saying Darky's the only one who gets 'pampered' by the parents. Dad treated me to a new cell phone a few days ago. (I consider it a late Birthday gift/early Christmas prezzie, since I didn't get that much on my Birthday (phone wasn't avalable at the time, and it's still not widely available on the marker yet) Nokia 6270 to be precise, and that thing is sweet! Just what I needed/wanted in terms of functionaliry and bits and pieces. Dad got the same one for himself, so we're a bit. That's the second time we get same phones. hehe... but no we dont' mix 'em up, I put a silver ankh on mine; and the wallpapers on mine are ahem.... Gibbs, Daniel, TF58, Intrepid, Jackie... (ta to Grenn for the last 3 ;) that boyis a mind reader when it comes to graphics I need/want. I didn't even ask, he just made 'em after I told 'im the cell supports wallpapers like that ), I made those into a screensaver actually. The wallpapers I change depending on my mood/what I feel like having for a wallpaper....Right now I got a Gibbs one.

Here's the  animated one, size's original (yes, the screen is that big :D

Gonna add a few more of the Intrepid and a few other bits and pieces as they're made/re-sized.

NCIS theme as a ringtone. :D  :: does a jig or two ::

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