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Final didn't go all that bad I think.....

Except one thing...half way into the final, lecturer comes in and  tells us to change 'quantitative data' into 'qualitative data' which in turns changes the entire outcome and the answer to the question! and he was like "oops.. sorry.. that's a misprint"

Came home and pretty much...been at the e-mail. Sending out e-cards and e-mails to handle things....Answered CO Applications ... wow.. some of them are... :: headdesk:: 
Character Biography: Tough to lose his nerve in Combat.

Yes... that tells me SO much about your character....

Much like the "dashing young and good looking male who turns heads everytime he takes a breath"  that's not the person I want on my bridge, or to command a ship...good looks wont' get you out of every situation, geez.. I mean what if the aliens don't go for your type?! 

Then there's this one:"she from time to time has been known to distract weaker minded male officers with her stunning natural beauty. She Knows she is attractive and knows it is a formidable weapon when tryignt o get her point across." 

Formidable weapon...what if I slap you upside the head until it hurts?! and what exactly is the point one would try to get across by using one's looks?!?! O.o I don't think I wanna know... 


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