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Eh... I will be edumacated....

Happy Birthday torjtremorI know it's a bit early, but yours truly has a final tomorrow morning and I doubt I know when I'll be able to take a peek at my LJ in the morning because I'm leaving at 0500 to get there by 0800. We need to talk sometime, there's a lot we gotta catch up on I bet. Happy Birthday :)

That said I can now safely rant....

Finally got the PC Suite for my phone installed. :: dances :: The registry did need a good cleaning.  I cleaned it up with Registry Medic, trial version. The annoying one that only fixes 5 things, then you have to re-scan. Yes it did take me awhile to fix everything. But at least it's all fixed. the Intrepid class more and more now. :D :: hugs her Horizon :: putting together a more comprehensive deck-by-deck layout since my other muse's befuddled still...and I need to write up stuff for Wikipedia as well...not to mention a couple more StudenTalk articles. hmm.. might take a potshot or two at my HCI lecturer...maybe three even...

oooh and a few at the 'education system' :: evil smirk :: and how some lecturers bend the rules for one student but not the other and claim 'they are rules and they have to be followed' ..pffft.. yes... right like you always follow the rules....darned liars.... it's too bad I'm too honest  to actually approach a lecturer and ask 'em to bend the rules. and no I'm not Ms Honesty. I just have standards in these does get annoying when you see someone who did squat pass and you work your butt off and flunk by a grade or two. sucks...kinda reminds me of that screw up I made last semester where I did the project well in advance but he kept switching the due days and in the end I missed the deadline so he flunked me. :: throws rocks at the guy:: oh yeah.. that was fair... if you make a deadline, you bloody well keep the stupid thing and ignore the whines of the class when they say "oh but we got another project to give in the next day" otherwise it makes you look like your strings can be very easily pushed by students, and if that's the case...good riddance... extra day or two is fine, but when you keep flipping the due date every class, that's just bad time management...and easy peer pressure from students.

's funny... well not really funny. but I think my outlook has changed since I've taken CELTA. Or it might not have changed that much, but my attitude changed. I think. or maybe I just need a vacation, because right now, my attitude's pretty much 'meh' towards things. I know I'll have at least one more subject to pass to finish the damn degree and say good riddance to Undegrad and go do something I really enjoy instead.

I'm still not sure why the hell does an e-commerce major have to know how to program in C++ and Java. Their answer "well if you got your own business and you want to write a program, you can..." DUDE! If I have my own business, I'll HIRE someone to write it for me! How's two classes of C++ and one class of Java gonna make me an expert in programming if I don't have an aptitude for coding in that sense???

I swear.. universities are just huge money making schemes...most successful people out there (successful in terms of rich that is) haven't even finished university...a lot of the ones with a college degree are either slives from 9-5 or are stuck at McDonald's asking if you want fries with that order....

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