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Got a complement from one of my COs regarding my TF leadership today. She likes the way I am getting things rolling. Hopefully that's a good start and hopefully i can keep this up. :: crosses fingers and toes:: Just have to consider all or most sides of things so I don't get smacked inbetween the eyes with something later on and drop off...hence the pace of things actually. I don't want to do everything at once, but rahter take things step by step and build up from there, as opposed to doing everything at once, so everyone including myself will get disoriented in what's going on.

Amazing how they're not tired of my constant chatter on the lists yet. Heh. Tempted to send out a few more things asking for opinions and ideas, but I'll keep those to myself for now and will probably just implement 'em myself once the site gets moved and set up. Lest they start tuning me out. Most of them are minor changes anyways.

My muse's kinda dazed right now. There are scenes that are loud and clear, others are a bit murky. And I'm trying to kill that little voice that goes "hey this looks like a plot hole: what would they be doing there at this point. what do the baddies want exactly? why are they there" and etc. (probably the anti-muse) or my muse's made some enemies over the years, not that I'll be surprised about that particular bit of news.. Ahem..

Got the dang HCI final tomorrow. which is.. bleh.. to be honest i'm not sure. I've skimmed the slides and the text book (which he didn't use that much...) his idea of what to study is: EVERYTHING. um.. ya.. that narrows it down a bit. of course he's the guy who thinks his subject is more important than any other subject out there. :: rolls eyes:: yeah I admit it's a fun subject, but dude...there are other things out there!

Parents and Darky are in one of their 'my way's better than yours' fights again... :: shakes head:: can't you just... SETTLE on something and get on with it?!?! eeesh.. I'm staying outta this one aside poking my head outta my room and going "Keep it down I got a final tomorrow"  course they keep it down for two minutes, then move onto another room and course the walls are made of cardboard or something so the sound is all clear... :: twitches :: 's actually what my right eye's doing righ tnow: twitching. Oy vey...

Need to clear out my registry as the PC Suite for my Nokia 6270 does not want to install. Gives me a run-time error, but installs fine on my laptop, so it's not the CD that's at fault. I've scouted Trying out Registry Mechanic, but the bugger only fixes five things at a time then asks you to re-scan everything. Quite annoying...

Well this update made a lot of sense...

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