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Well looks like my muse's been awake all night. Taking off from my last post for the Horizon I've started writing a fic that takes place prior to everything in here.

I went to 'sleep' with a really weird 'dream' in my mind. Well more of a ...'what if' scenario that didn't even relate to any simm, it related to real life actually... woke up 3 hours later with plenty of things swimming around in my head anchoring off my last post on the Horizon.

So here I am now...

 I got 4 different scenes that i'm writing at the same time, but they dont' happen at the same time.. O.o that's one thing I've not actually done before. Before I used to write things on a scene by scene in a chronological order basis, now I'm more flexible I guess. Or so it seems. granted now I don't write fics THAT much... Eh heh.

:: ties muse up so muse keeps talking as she writes::

And folks! Dan. Sage. Vince. Mack. anyone else on my friends list or who reads this...yes even you waffles.... you have my full permission to smack me and get me writing again if this one doesn't see the light of things and I abandon it.
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