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Bug seemed to have receeded somewhat. At least I can stare at things longer. LOL . or well at least i can look at things and register them in my mind

::headdesk:: what I got when I called tech support: --> "trouble with your internet connection? e-mail:" 

isn't that... um... what kind of a CRUEL SICK JOKE is this?!?! :: twitches:: one of those.... you know you're dependant on the Internet , when... moments... ::slaps Etisalat ::

On a much happier note...much MUCH happier I'd say...

*does a jig* I've done a post for the Horizon. and it's actually one I'm quite happy with. Considering things. I love the ending bit. I can just picture the reaction of my crew. Hehehe

=/\= “Intruder alert in main engineering”=/\= came a scream through the comm. System shattering Jackie’s thoughts in an instant.

Jackie leapt to her feet, adrenaline filling her veins in almost an instant. The Caitian snatched the handheld phaser off her desk. By the time she tapped her comm. badge she was racing out of the ready room towards the turbolift out on the bridge, the handheld phaser by her side armed and ready to use.

<<Main Engineering>>

Jackie nearly took a flying leap through the main engineering doorway, her phaser drawn, the years of her security training kicked in in an instant, and doubled with her reflexes and experience with security as well as flying fighters, a quick look around Engineering told her all seemed to be clear, at least at a glance it was. 

She caught sight of a group of officers off to the side.

“Status report.” She stated curtly, casually holstering her phaser as if nothing just happened. “What the hell is going on?” she demanded before the present officers had a chance to register she was there.

Oh yeah.. I can see all those stares/startled looks/ "what the....?" stares her way...


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