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*draws a blank*

Crap I completely forgot what I wanted to do today with the Task Force.. O.o as in... complete blank! Wanted to do something with the Info Base, but no idea what! :: beats head on a desk :: geez... this is kinda... heh... disturbing... I had so many ideas swirling around in my head yesterday and the past weeks I was doing CELTA... now I'm like... "duuuuuh" :: twitches::

though reckon I oughta try writing something for the Horizon whilst I can...otherwise I end up repeating history once again, and I don't think I want to do that yet again. though d'oh.. talked Jackie into a corner there to some least in the present, in the future I don't think so. I can't hear her anymore though. O.o

Seems like I got difficulty balancing OOC stuff with IC stuff... I should try looking at the OOC stuff from Jackie's perspective rather than the mun's perspective. Though I look at it from her perspective she hates this... she'd rather be out there flying and fighting things right smackdown in the middle of action, not doing this...'desk job' of sorts... derr... Hmm.. IC COs meeting.... :: lighbulb ::
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