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::maims Darky with a cherry tree::

ya.. so Darky's his usual self it seems...

it's the middle of the working day over here.. what is he doing? Slept till midday, and now he's out with his GF because she's getting a nose job.....(nose job?! at 21?!? You can tell she does modeling as a 'career' outside of uni ::rolls eyes:: )  and dad's mad at him for not sending in the orders and picking up the other orders cuz Dad can't pick everything up and i was with him this morning to give my watch for repairs (the back cover fell off O.o)  I had to sent the orders now. but i can't pick the other ones up cuz it all won't fit in my car. suffice to say dad's not pleased that Darky went running off in the middle of a working day like that...

Yes.. I can tell, at 28 he lives with the family just so he can help support the family better....[/sarcasm]

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