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CELTA: Day 17

3 more days...X_x and my last TP is on Tuesday and I've not yet decided what to teach. Need two more hours of observation as well....Looking at materials and how to present certain things. I need to find enough for an hour's class. at least handed in all the assignments for CELTA... My mind's just everywhere right now...

(not yet the HCI bit for uni.. sort of in a mess with that..I ended up looking at GRAMMAR and all on the site instead of the actual design of it... oops... I haven't really had the TIME to write that one up because of all the stuff due Saturday and Sunday. and Ghassan's really anal about deadlines even though he should understand my particular situation. it's not like I'm sitting around twiddling thumbs in my spare time.. (what spare time?!?! doing twenty things at once here) I can't physically do everything due one day! Its' just not happening. I already stressed my wrist to the ends during the 'weekend'. Have to wear the support again. so go figure...

Yeah it's interesting how some of these things go. I mean seriously... do the uni folks have no heart and think we're all robots or something? "do this. I dont' care how/when with all the stuff you gotta do, you have to have this in by XXX , or you loose marks" HELLO?!? Remember your own dang college days.... ? *mutter*

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