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What can I say? Slept for about 7 hours last night, now I'm paying for it in not having enough time to do the assignments and the preparation...argh... :: twitches :: but I really *was* tired beyond... tired then.. not that awake right now either, but I have to submit a few things tomorrow plus plan the lesson for tomorrow, and to top things off the net is being a major pain in the mik'ta so I can't do much research >.> not when it keep dropping me offline all the time.. aiy.

One more week...weekend's gonna be funky... I got 2 assignments for CELTA due, I'm teaching on Saturday , and I have to submit my HCI report on Saturday....Yikes...

Who has time for anything else, really? Yeah cut out sleep and you will have time for other things, but looks like that's not happening either considering how tired I've been... need to drink more coffee to keep myself up and sharp....
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