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CELTA : Day 10

I'm officially half way through the course. Got a couple more assignments to submit in the next two weeks; minus the teaching practice preparations. Lesson planning and whatnot. We dont' get much of a break in the 8 hours we're there, so it's like a full working day, pretty much. And if you aren't in class, you are pretty much doing something to prep for class.

Yeah so most of my LJ entries lately have been CELTA centered, can't help it if that's where most of my time goes to nowadays. If I'm not in class I'm either doing CELTA related research or assignments. I've nearly forgotten that I'm also meant to be doing Undegrad stuff. Whoops. Heh.

Two weeks gone by and it's not that I'm feeling the stress here, but it IS rather tiring. 2-5 hours sleep a night doesn't help much either, although night before last I've slept for about 6 hours so that helped. definitely wake up with a clearer head, even if I do wake up at 4.

Tomorrow...weekend. of sorts. I'll be busy doing assignments and research for CELTA and HCI. Actually for the CELTA group assignment that we have to do in pairs, I'm pretty much 'done' just have to go through the research and get the important bits and pieces out of there.


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Dec. 1st, 2005 12:26 am (UTC)
If anything, MORE sleep is a good thing for you these days. I hope you continue to get more rest.
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