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CELTA : Day 8

Absolutely dead by the time I come home (or on the way home; kept going ::doze off a tad, slaps self:: hello you're driving!" good that I had music on to sing with/to so I could stay focused to an extent. )

Last night thought I could work on an assignment that was due today, ended up going to lie down because stuff stopped making sense. Fell asleep...woke up at around 3, started jotting down ideas on paper on how to write this stuff up.... come 5 am, I write up about 3 lines then give up and tell myself I'll do it in my HCI class, and grab my laptop. What'd'ya know. I did end up writing it in class. 10 pages. ^^ Not that I wasn't paying attention to what the HCI guy said. bad designs and whatnot. We had a discussion over the Amazon site, whether it's a good or a bad design. I threw in a couple of controversial points about arrangement of some things; got 'im thinking. Hehehe..

Now I got another CELTA assignment to do due tomorrow..Concept Questions and Timelines, shouldn't be TOO bad, as long as I'm on the right track....>.> But my progress so far is good, so I guess I am on the right track with things. And I've gotta submit my grammar table tomorrow.

My allergies seem to be playing up again: headache and my eyes are itchy. I've put eyedrops in, but that isn't helping things much. I think weather's about to do a flip. Heh.

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