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CELTA : Day... 6? erhm... 7

already 1/3 through the course. Sweet. Hehehe. My progress so far is good. Apparently my communication skills are not crappy like my mum always says. Nor do I lack something in the human relations department. Yeah okay I'm not that diplomatic when it comes to dealing with people sometimes, but I feel right at home in a classroom setting. Much like I do in a library, only library feels more homey to me still.

But time does kinda fly here in CELTA too. Tomorrow's a bit of a weird day. HCI lecture in the morning, then CELTA stuff later on... and heh ...I got 2 assignments to submit tomorrow for CELTA....and I dont' have the mental capacity to accomplish them right now...still staring at a blank screen in one of them and half filled in columns in the other....

The Skills Assignment where we have to pick out a reading and explain why we chose it and how we'd use it, I have no problem with in my head, it's just putting it down in Word that's a problem...Structure-wise....

the Grammar table bit... I got my tenses confused, and leafing through Grammar books only makes me go "HUH?!" or "WHAT?!" with regards to some of those things. heh.

At least I'm not teaching tomorrow. So no lesson plan and whatnot to prepare for tomorrow.

I literaly don't have time to do anything else other than my CELTA stuff right now. Very little time to do thigns like watch TV or read a book or something like that. Write stuff. most of the time is spent on research and preparation for my lessons or assignments to submit. hoo boy...

No wonder I've gota  headache  and can't think straight...

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