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"But.... you're a girl"

I swear some men do need to be slapped upside the head.

Was coming to my car from my CELTA today, ran into my old IT Business instructor; his 4X4 BMW died. There're two guys there shining a light under the hood trying to find something. Karl calls out to me as I pass by, asking me if I know anything about cars. I say I do a little, enough to get by and not call 999 everytime something goes wrong with my car. (after all I used to change my own brakepads on my Jeep and pretty much knew it quite well to know whats  up...)

They want to jumpstart the car , Karl's got jumper cables out, and they're looking for the car battery wiring.They can't find the minus for the car battery. the plus is right there in your face, but the minus's nowhere to be seen. So they're all looking. I take a look, don't see anything either; I keep looking, the two guys kinda go "this is embarrasing" " no way!" as I look under the hood. I just kinda go "why?" One of them is like "'re a girl" I just kinda throw a glare over my shoulder and go "and....??"

We all tinker for about ten minutes, looking for the darned negative everywhere, can't find it. It's probably under the engine somewhere.  Karl calls up recovery services, they tell him it's $50 bucks ; we keep searching. No go. Then I just go "Wait...we got positive, that's enough, just plug the other end of the jumper cables to the frame and the other set to the guys' car" They do, give it some juice, the BMW starts up. Oh the look on the guys' faces! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

You do read fun stuff in books sometimes ;)  Or did I see that one on TV somewhere. But either way.

Had a fun time chatting to Karl, catching up on stuff. He's in Middlesex University now.  Kinda itneresting how we keep crossing paths. I met him in American Uni in Dubai, then he came over to UOWD, now in Middlesex Uni.Gotta catch up with him more sometime, he was a fun teacher.

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