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Yeah so....didn't sleep today. well I did, for about an hour. Heh. stayed up until about 4 am or so, then got into an argument with mum over me being on the computer too much.

Been reading most of the day. Trying to do assignments for CELTA. Trying to come up with a teaching plan for tomorrow. still haven't got much of a clue on what to do, but I got a general idea of what I'll be doing.

Did fiddle with the Horizon's bridge layout some, and made 2 Avatars/LJ icons. I know the colours are hinky on this one. Heh. I need more cathphrases/slogans. "Always USS Horizon" ? (yeah, ripping off Coke here)

Need to recruit.... and write.. and plan for CELTA...and... hoooboy... Thank God I don't sleep much, otherwise I'd really be short on time in finishing all this stuff up on time!

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