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Patricia Cornwell's 'Postmortem' is allright so far. Although I'm not a fan of first-person novels. It kind of takes the reader away from the story in terms of things. But, that's just me.

Slept for about 3 hours today, even though it's the weekend. Heh. Rest of the day been working on assignments and preparation for next week. Slighlty confused with concept questions bit. But.. the good news is that i went to University Bookshop today to dig up some books on that. I found 4 books which should come in handy at any point during CELTA and after. And the library has a good resource of materials too; I don't think I need to worry about stocking up on English language teaching supplementals myself yet.  Now I need to type out the assignments and plan for my Saturday lesson.  I'm not sure how to go about it. yet anyway.

And slap me silly for forgetting to press "update" and leaving this sitting here for hours...
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