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CELTA : Day 5

CELTA group gave me flowers today. SO nice of them. :) It really does feel like a collective of sorts. Granted considering how much time we spend as a group. Yeah.

Wasn't my turn to teach today; so heh. a little break, although we do have a few assignments to submit on Sunday and Tuesday, so I've got the books for those. A lot of handy guide books from the library, and I think I'm going to try to find my own copies of some of them. Particularly the "Cambridge Hanbooks for Language Teachers" series. And yeah I know my grammar sucks in my LJ entries; honest I'm more coherent during CELTA!

Well that's one week of CELTA, and so far I am feeling tad tired at the end of the day. (I've actually slept 5 hours last night, so that's an improvement right there! LOL) One week down, three more to go. And I've actually gotta get around doing my HCI and Java stuff at some stage. >.> I'm meeting with the Lab techs on Sunday to try to schedule some time we can catch up on labs and stuff.

Random fun fact:  we got 37 Starbucks outlets in UAE. 25 of which are in Dubai.
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