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Thanks to mbimomma  and  kristensk  for the lovely hilarious cards ;) And thanks to those who're not on my LJ list for the cards and wishes too. (not that you'll see this I suppose. heh. this last bit directed more at my CELTA group and all the library folks. ) text messages were nice too :)

Dan, thanks for the global and being the first one to say Happy B-day ;) heh after i started muttering about my folks' lack of knowledge about my interests and what to give me as a pressie. (honestly I'd have been fine with a book voucher to Magrudy's or Virgin ;) )

mack2006 , thanks for the e-mail :-)

I can go on and on here I suppose. I might've missed off a few people from the list here.  But thanks to all of you guys

You know the day didn't really feel like a birthday. Present-wise I didn't really get much physical stuff, aside the 2006 kittens and cats calendar from my folks and a weird plant ... thing. And I was working 90% of the day anyway, so heh.

But.. I don't think this oughta be all about physical things. And not because I've not gotten much in terms of physical stuff.. yeah it sucks, but 'eh. I'm nto easy to shop for I suppose. (well easy if you know me well enough to know what I want/like.  and it's not alwyas something physcial anyway)

Sometimes good company is all that's needed on a birthday.

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