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CELTA: Day 4

Learned how to teach vocabulary. Very curious, never had it taught that way before. And it makes a lot of sense to teach it that way too.

Feedback session was funky. I was surprised to hear some of the comments aimed my way regarding my style of presentation and whatnot last night. Because technically I thought I bombed that one.But apparently not ^^ so hehe.. I need to get photocopies of what Louise has written down for me. But yeah she did point out that I have to follow the Lesson Plan. She found it funny how I made the same comment in my self avaluation form. But I got a lot of good comments on how I teach and how I interact with the class, even though I thought I didn't do such a bang up job. heh.

Today was funky. my lesson plan was way more precise and I've actually followed it! Hehe

And guess who ended up being the techie... ::points to self:: yuppers. Not that I mind. Hehe

So help me if I end up being an English teacher. LOL
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