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Mhm.. it completely slipped my mind that I've got an HCI class tomorrow.. and Java lecture, which I'm going to miss because it's at 1230 and CELTA starts at 1230 and I can't skip that (strict attendance rules...) but I think the two days of CELTA so far have made me feel like I'm doing CELTA and not an Undergrad degree, which to a degree is how it is actually.

I come home, I am quite exhausted. Even if time flies during the CELTA hours. And it doesn't feel that exhausting. I come home and I'm virtually barely standing.  And this is only Day 2. O.o Second day that I end up with a headache whilst trying to do the teaching preparation for the next day.  though naps help before I hit the teaching planning sets. Naps or just lying on my bed and not doing much of anything. I can afford that luxury for now. Lying around and not doing anything...

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