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CELTA: Day 1

Quite fun so far, although the real work starts tomorrow technically speaking. We'll be teaching from tomorrow already, so that should be fun. I just gotta get my act together and plan what I'm going to teach exactly. Rather how I'm going to teach it, I already know what I'm teaching. Hehe.

They weren't kidding when they said it's an intensive course though O.o 2 fifteen minute breaks and an and hour of sorts before the teaching practice. I have a feeling I'm going to do a lot of juggling there. Assignments for actual uni and stuff will have to be done during the 'breaks' in CELTA. Heh.

So far not really a lot of inspiration to write stuff, but I am getting hit with random ideas for the Horizon which sound rather interesting and best of all workable! Just wait I'll start writing soon probably.

The group of folks in CELTA is quite fun as well. we're only 11 people, so it's good. 8 women to 3 guys. At least a place where the women outweight the guys. Quite an active class though, they;re making it very interactive which is how I like things. Rather than just sitting around and listening to the teachers drone on and on and on and.... ugh.. yeah. heh.

Right.. coffee refill time before the break ends and I have to scoot back to class...

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