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First a  meme swiped from someone on my friends' list...

You scored as SG-1 (from Stargate). You are versatile and diverse in your thinking. You have an open mind to that which seems highly unlikely and accept it with a bit of humor. Now if only aliens would stop trying to take over your body.

SG-1 (from Stargate)


Moya (from Farscape)


Serenity (from Firefly)


Galactica (from Battlestar: Galactica)


Nebuchadnezzar (from The Matrix)


Millennium Falcon (from Star Wars)


Bebop (from Cowboy Bebop)


Enterprise D (from Star Trek)


Your Ultimate Sci-Fi Profile: which sci-fi crew would you best fit in? (pics)
created with

Heh. Enterprise D's last. Wow. Wonder why. heh.

SLightly change of topic

CELTA starts tomorrow... I've got my stuff ready. I yeah... I think..... ::scratches head:: I think....have to juggle a lot of stuff in the upcoming weeks, but I thinking having my laptop with me will help. I will at least be able to work on assignments and maybe some writing stuff once I get settled in. Knowing me, all the creativity will hit me when I'm smackdown in the middle of something important, like 1230 - 2030 intensive four week course to get a Certificate for teaching the English Language to Adults... :: headdesk:: hehe

I guess we'll see what happens starting tomorrow.

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