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Ever been in a writing mood, but you just don't know what to write...? O.o Well, here I am...

However, I've been surfing the web for some inspiration... stumbles onto a couple of cartoons...

HOw's that inspire me? or what does that have to do with .... inspiration or Voyager or Trek? Dunno , but that's what came up on Google. so...

Was thinking for some inspiration I should watch a few episodes of Voyager, but I don't have that many taped; and I remember seeing a couple of sets at Virgin.  Called Virgin Megastores today on the way home, they got seasons one to three of Voyager, but the price is $150 a set! O.o Talk a bout steep prices. Oy. Sheesh. No way I'm buying that. Though I probably would if I didn't have to shell out USD2000 towards the CELTA course, even if dad shelled out the $300 deposit. Not that I'm ungrateful ^^ Glad he did it; it's definitely help there; but the CELTA certificate's something I want to get myself. He's already paying for my Undergrad Degree. I'm supposed to be saving up cash from my pay towards my Postgrad Degree and stuff. ::wants to visit a couple of places ^^ :: Not that I get paid that much, heh. ::mutters at the higher ups in Uni for cutting down the library hours for part time staff::

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