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Getting back on track?

Hehe.. so I've written up another small post for the Horizon. Might be getting back into things to some extent. Just need to get things flowing again, and try for a backstory fic I have in mind.

Oh and.. Jackie now officially has an avatar... ^^

Made by one of my crew members. Not exactly the look I was aiming for for an avatar, but it works quite well anyway.  I'm not exactly picky when it comes to things like that, because I'm not the one doing those things. I am satisfied with what gets done. And especially in cases where people do this sort of stuff without me asking for it. ^^ He said he's still gonna toy around with things, features and colouring as well.

My mood seems to be lifting somewhat. I was actually singing on the way to and from work; which was good. I've not done it in quite some time. It's the whole stress of things.. taking things too seriously, recent.. stuff.. yeah. I need to 'relax' more; it's not always easy though, I can't always tell when I need to relax or not.

Okay now if I can just sleep more than what I do now...that'd be grand.. I really do need to be in tip top shape by the time I start CELTA.
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