Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

11 Midterms in one day == LOADS of people in the library and very few of them are studying quetly.... ugh... :: pelts with rotten fruit :: Geez.. but hey at least I'm not in one of my *gnarr* moods right now, don't feel like flying off the handle. Of course I think 4 hours of sleep helped...2 more than usual, yayness.. Heh. Might've been the NCIS stuff I watched yesterday night as well. I'm a tad confused at Bete Noire though... :S yeah the Ari business.

Urge to smack some people to the back of their heads is coming back, especially when I'm doing a headcount or clearing up the shelves and see some people hunched up in a corner talking either with eachother or on the phones...One of these days.. Bwahahahaha! Ahem... ::whistles innocently:: be fun to do though....

Though, heh. I'm still a tad out of things. Told someone we close at 3:30PM instead of 5PM, oops...

I need coffee...

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