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Heh... how big a geek are you when you're the very first one to submit a report? mins you, not the first time that happened; I try to submit mine before class starts....I came in today, there were only 3 people in, haven't turned in their reports, said there was something wrong with (which there weren't...) and you have to have the turnitin receipt or yu can't submit the report to him...

My print stamp on the coversheet says 3 am, whilst everyone else's who submitted today,  says 9-10 am, and the class at 0930.... although granted... I am a bigger geek for going 12000 words OVER....O.o apparently the word limit was 3000 words....but he said it's allright, just told me not to do it again... I'm pretty sure I rambled on there a lot anyways, considering things...

and Java midterm's next Monday , so yay.. get extra time to study for that.

Got my wrist support back on, my right wrist's shot to hell again...could hardly drive without pain shooting up my whole arm..and cant fully bend my fingers, which kinda... scuse the typos.. and don't get me started on writing... I'm fairly sure if i had the midterm today, i'd drop the pen two minutes into it,and not because i didn't know the answers. ^^

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