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Work was hectic... very nice though. Definitely snapped me out of my mood in less than an hour. I came in with a real "bleh. bah humbug, bleh depressed" mood, and that seemed to lift after awhile, when I got into the action at work.  Plenty of stuff to do, to keep my mind off of things.

And I've actually eaten today. Okay just a sandwitch (and 4 coffees), but it's an improvement over things.

Gotten 'back' into things to an extent. I've actually done some TF93 work. Well booted an inactive TGCO, appointed another one to the job, and done abit of recruiting for the Task Force itself. and some for the Horizon, so here's hopin' :: crosses fingers::

Spent last night watching NCIS, as usual.... most memorable moment so far: -- in 'the Curse' where after an all-nighter at the office

<Gibbs> ::is dozing with his head back::
<Kate> ::walks by with a cup of  coffee::
<Gibbs> ::wakes up with a start:: "Coffee?!?"
< Kate> "Uh-huh"
<Gibbs> ::asking DiNozzo:: "What'd'ya got?" ::walks up and drinks Kate's coffee::
<Kate> ...


Oh and.. I would like to say a huge thanks to all those who prayed for me and left nice thoughts and comments in my past entries. As well as those who didn't but kept me in their thoughts anyway. Thanks so much guys. I know I'm not out of the woods yet, but things look brighter today, for sure.

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