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On a roll

Wow.. I've been on a roll with the Horizon's website in the last 8-10 hours! Only took an hour break close to five a.m. so Dad won't catch me awake and infront of the computer.

Although there's not much stuff done, most of it is small tweaks here and there, and added little bits and pieces to spice things up a little bit. I am actually quite pleased with changes made. It actually looks more 'presentable' and 'complete' as a website to some degree. Although really, a website is never truly complete, per se.

It's all really just a matter of playing around with things, and not being afraid to screw up here and there. (back-up is the key :P I got two copies of the site on my HD. One on my Flash drive, the other on my hard disk, just in case. if I screw up something I can always go  back to the last backup I made and upload that particular page, so i won't have to run around like a headless chicken screaming "ARGH NO!".)

been on a bit of a writing streak as well, in some part. Working on another post for the Horizon right now, as well as trying to tweak up Jackie's Bio to reflect all them... ahem.. changes... yeah.. yours truly has reached the rank of Rear Admiral in BravoFleet, all within seven months of taking a command, and nearly ten months of being in BravoFleet as a whole.

So much for the idea of "not getting a command or not getting involved into internal running of things" considering my escapades and experiences in 2003. I do admit that this time around, it's been a better... thing.  Granted back then I wasn't in BravoFleet as a whole at all. And this is an experience that's quite different, because I've learned from the past mistakes and experiences to some degree.

Of course, I have a lot of support from the higher-ups in BravoFleet as well, which helps tremendously.  Thanks guys :)

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