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Seems my 'creativity' of sorts wakes up towards the 'end of the day' well.. be darned if I know where the end and the beginning of the day is right now...considering how much I sleep. Hehe. Everything just seems to flow together....continuously... I need more coffee.....

 watched 4 episodes of NCIS up until about 6 am.There is actually an episode where Abby is out of the lab of hers and sorta goes 'undercover' briefly. Hehe.

Been running around doing stuff around the house since about 6 am and up until about 4PM. (that included cooking dinner... O.o )

Did a few posts, sort of anyway. can't get my writing hat on properly. I know what I want to happen and I have it played out in my head, but it's difficult writing it down on paper or on the computer... Go figure how that one works...

Now playing with the Horizon's website. Just realised how crappy I am at writing catchy lines that might attract people to browse around and join up.  Augh

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