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something about working from 1000 to 1700 and not realising you haven't had a break or sat down all through the time kinda makes you wonder a few things...

Yep. well ok not so much as not realising as....not caring....I sort of ....just go about doing things. become so engrossed in my work and just do it. Some of the other librarians over here kinda joke about how I put them to shame because I do everything so quickly. Got way too much energy or just excited about the job I guess.

Coming up to three years of being here, and I've learned a lot. I came in here with zero knowledge in library sciences or anything related to the library at all. (Aside the obvious searching the catalogue and whatnot...) Almost three years down the line, and I've learned more than I would in a college setting were I to take the library science degree. I'm still planning on that. Posgraduate/master's degree. Not entirely sure where yet. Definitely not in UAE since they don't have that program here... :/ Leaning towards the UK since it would be more applicable/less hectic to carry out. I actually have about 4 prospective universities that I'm looking into.

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