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Sometimes I don't understand the logic of some people....if there's a lazy person on the staff, you don't bring in someone else to aid them with their work. you deal with the person. either train them better or try to get to them or boot them off and get someone else instead of them. >.<

bro's girlfriend calls up earlier on  at about ten pm and goes "i got a couple of books that were due today, can you do anything about those" ehrm.. right..the library's been closed for... HOURS..... oh and yeah..... I have a connection to Spectrum from home....I'm that bad of a workaholic! I tell people to call me up at home so I can renew their materials.. would be a nice service to have though but .. heh... >.< Told her the system wont' let me do anything about overdue materials anyway.

ISP still being a flippin' twit... as is my stomach.. I coughed , and that set me off in a bad way earlier on.. ::twitch::

Need to go to the university bookshop tomorrow, check out a few English books there. that's where I got my "Grammar for English Language Teachers" book, after I couldn't find it anywhere else. CELTA's looming closer every day....

and guess who forgot to press "post" on this thing.. >.>
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