Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,


I don't normally do Thursdays, but...things change sometimes, so here I am.

and hooboy....I'm shelving a trolley full of books whilst Saba is at the circulation desk; a guy walks up and hands me a coin "can I have some A4 paper" I stare at him for a moment, biting back a smart ass remark, (where am I gonna get white paper right there and then, given where I was when he asked me?!? we sell that at the circulation desk..I'll just wave my little magic finger and make the paper appear) then tell him to go to the circulation desk, and boy did I felt like slapping him when he said it's too far to walk to the circulation desk >.< lazy ass gits...I calmly told him I don't have any paper on me and he can get it at the circulation desk.

another gem:
I'm at the circulation desk, handling a query, guy walks up, shoves 3 books under my nose. I ignore him whilst handling the other person; he shovves the books closer and goes all "tsk *huff* tsk" I look up, tell him to give me a minute, he stands there for a few seconds, then shoves the books under my nose again.

I swear some impatient people we got 'ere... impatient AND stupid.. I can't handle several folks at once when it comes to checking materials in and out. Catalogue only supports one such query at a time on a single machine! Sheesh.

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