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I'm so irked at my ISP! It blocked SGOs website IP (I think because of that 6 hour stint of downloading/uploading I did a few days ago) so it wouldn't let me into the actual website or the forums and threw out a message saying "DNS can't be resolved" I called Etisalat, because people in UK and Australia could see the website so it wasn't the server or anything of that sort and I could still connect to the FTP.

I spent 30 minutes on hold, whilst listening to "Emirates Internet operates 24 hours a day seven days a week to help support our customers" wonder how many minutes a day they actually PICK UP the phone!!!....

After a half an hour wait finally got through to them...I don't know whether I should be insulted on being referred to as "sir" at first too.....

they say "we can't resolve the DNS either so maybe the website's doing some maintenance work hence why it's down"...

I just went "I co-own the damn thing and we sure as hell aren't doing any maintenance work on there! and if we were no one would be able to see the site not just me who happens to be stuck in UAE with Etisalat as my ISP"

IT 'support' guy just went "maybe the server is down"

I just went "bubba; 1. I can get into the FTP. 2. people in UK and Australia can see and browse the site; so what the server is going -- "hrm...let's see I'll be mean to the people in the Middle East now and tell 'em I can't resolve the DNS" I don't think so"

He just went "yes ma'am I understand but it's not a problem on our side. Maybe it's your firewall blocking the port"

Told him I have two computers one of which doesn't have a firewall and the site still doesn't display on both of 'em.. Yes I can see the firewall being the reason here...

He told me that maybe there's a virus on the website and my antivirus is blocking it. Absurd, no?! On second thought: Which antivirus blocks sites by saying "Bad Gateway The following error occurred: A DNS lookup error occurred. The host was not found. Please contact the administrator." Um... yeeeeess.... that's some advanced antivirus there!!!!

15 minutes of useless conversation there.... but they unblocked it some time later. :: shakes head:: can't they just ADMIT it's a problem on their side???


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