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The idiots you see in my line of work

Idiots at work (some of them not so idiots...)

Guy walks out of the study room YELLING into his phone. I calmly tell him to take it outside because people are not allowed to talk on the phones in the library. He ignores me, I raise my voice a bit and tell him to take it outside; he turns around goes "you gonna slap me now?" I smirked, and said "would you like to tell that to my boss? she's at the circulation desk right now" that along with my trademark glare made him shut up and go back into the study room without a further comment. Heh.

Evening bunch's even more weirder...

We don't renew overdue materials, this one guy was like "c'mon it's only a day late!" yeah well you should've thought of that yesterday, pal... System's not gonna let us renew anyway. I tell him that. he's like "c'mon what's the big deal, renew it" *headdesk* two things... 1. it's OVERDUE, you have a fine.. and 2.  SYSTEM... WON'T....DO....IT! guy storms off looking mighty peeved. (over a two dirham a day fine ? that's not even a dollar...not even 50p I think)

Printer keeps jamming, student keeps coming up and whining about it. I go check it out, each time the student has been putting in that really thin legal pad paper in there instead of normal A4 paper. I told him he can't do that because the laser printer eats up the paper. he says ok, I clear the jam and go back, two minutes later he comes up again "uh the printer's jammed" I go check it out... he's still using the Legal Pad paper... I tell him we have paper for sale at 30 sheets a dirham; he says it's too expenceive and he needs to hand in his report in ten minutes. (O.o) on legal pad paper?! I clear the jam, suggest he get some white A4 paper and go away. guy fiddles with things for some time, then leaves. No idea if he got it printed or not.. heh.

Our photocopier is one of those "drop a coin/photocopy a page" types. Girl walks up to the circulation desk, tells me she's been putting in coins but can't photocopy anything anyway. I go check it out. Photocopier is on , ready for use. I tell her to put the coins in.... and have to keep myself from laughing outloud as she plunks a coin into one of the photocopier's VENTs on the side! I try to remain serious and tell her that the money goes into the coin collector hooked up to the photocopier on the right side with images of the different types of coins it accepts right there on yellow paper just to grab people's attention! She looks a tad sheepish and thanks me, I go back to work.

There are still people out there who jam  floppy disks into the floppy drive UPSIDE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! (and then of course complain when they can't get them out....)  if you have trouble putting the dang thing  in in the first place, you're  doing it wrong!

Moron of the day:
The guy who asks for a previous edition of a close reserve book. Fair enough, no problem, only if it wasn't the FIRST EDITION of the book we have in close reserve in the first place!

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