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My boss at work noticed I'm looking a little pale (pale-r than usual... O.o)  Which kinda doesn't help when you got a stomach bug... course.. self diagnosis here, but at the rate my stomach's doing flip flops and me visitng the b-room... yeah..

Not helping things any with my hands on a little shaky side, quite literaly. Mostly joints aching, which results in fingers being way weaker than they should be; which stumps me at work sometimes. (Can't lift too many things at once, just moving things around is a bit of an effort....) Hell so is typing if i move my hands too much, and if i don't it's not that bad, but it goes up to my arms. O.o Erf.. not what i need before CELTA , and two assignments due in a week, and a midterm....

Though in the morning things are ok, or once I rest my hands by not doing anything with them 9which is VERY frustrating if I'm not doing much) but hehe.. NCIS == lifeline :D

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