Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

My wrists and the fingers on my hands are acting up again. I've had to take it easy with sitting around a computer too much/for long periods of time. Not very easy considering the stuff I do online.

And my stomach's been doing flip flops since last night. Probably something I ate yesterday. Didn't really have that much aside spaghetti and a salad. And obviously coffee. I'm still not eating quite 100% right or everything. Could be a stomach bug too. :-/ Can't stomach heavy stuff.

It oughta pass...though heh.. I've been saying the same thing for me sleeping two hours a night for the past.... month+: i'm still doing that. Think I'm close to memorizing the entire NCIS series (minus season 3 and part of season 2).

Hmm.. should watch some DS9 DVDs at some stage for some Trek inspiration; need to get my writing muse back into gear with regards to Trek. I got things planned and thought out in my head to a degree, but I have toruble writing things. I did a post for the Horizon; it took me 4 days to do four pages O.o normally doesn't take that long, normally I just sit and write and churn out a couple of pages in a single day...bleh
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