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Two days on the 'job'

So far so good... spoke to the TFCO in the morning and again in the evening. He's deployed in Iraq right now, so our time zones are fairly close (I'm only an hour ahead of him) think we are getting along quite okay so far. Which is always a good thing when it comes to things like that. If you can't work with your staff, it's harder to get things done properly.

Still jumping on and offline...::beats up ISP:: course they say it's not a problem on THEIR settings are all correct, the techs verified them themselves. It's not FireFox that's a problem (it's the twits on the phone who only know of IE and think FF is a bug.... O.o)

Been toying with PSP a little today. That wallpaper I posted a few days ago, I changed the fonts slightly, just to make it shnazzier. need to try a hand at my own wallpapers. and a few banners for the Horizon and Qun mughwI' maybe. heh. 

Sorta got a catch-phrase for Task Force 93. Since we're SEARCH - Starfleet's Exploratory and Advanced Research Command Headquarters. I did a bit of a 'play on things' Join the SEARCH party!"  same as I did with the Horizon in a way "Come into the Horizon" or "Step into the Horizon" sorta thing. I need to add those to the banners.

well that's making a lot of sense...

To do:

- have a chat with Ed to introduce myself properly
- write up an e-mail to go to the COs to pass onto their crew in an effort to increase communication within the Task Force
- Find out what's happening with Starbase99
- toy with PSP

See when you sleep two hours a night, you kinda DO find time to do other things. LOL
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