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At the rate I'm watching NCIS at night, I think I'm going to memorize all of season one and two fairly soon...Course I do sleep in between, for an hour or so, max three/four hours. Never more than that. Mind's pre-occupied, yet it isn't.... How long has it been since  good night's sleep for me anyway? way more than a month....

Done stuff around the house in the morning... washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, feeding the pets, set the washing machine; got my food and what do I get? Darky comes in , having been woken up by dad not twenty minutes ago and getting into a tiff over something, and you wake him up he's grouchy as .. well eh's always grouchy it seems....and he goes "why aren't you doing anything around the house?!" Hello?! ugh... >.<

Net's being wonky all morning, Etisalat's probably doing some maintenance; considering my host changed; they're probably switching lines or something...nice of them to tell the customers in ADVANCE! oy. Still boots me on and off at random times...ugh.. hope it stabilizes soon....
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