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Work was less hectic than usual. I spent the time processing new books rather than handling 'customers' not that I didn't have to handle them at all.. I did.. and gem calls up gives us his student number than doesn't say anything... I had to prod him along with an "ok, and....???" Stephpanie cracked up; after I got off the phone she was like "yeah hate those too..  they give you the number and it's like what are we supposed to do with it?" since our catalogue's doesn't use student numbers as entries to look up students by. They go by barcodes and last name/firstname.

yeah..first day as TFXO, not bad ^^ I'm still not slowing down in the work I gotta do. Nopes. IF anything I'm speeding up!

upgraded the IRC hack on the Horizon's forums, and installed a Java IRC thing for Task Force 93 website, as well as cleaned up a few minor bits there; not fully though. And wow I didn't break it! O.o  Still backing it up now, just in case , for future reference/use. Just because I didn't break it now doesn't mean I won't somewhere down the line...Hmm... gotta tweak up the Horizon's site too. Add Java IRC on there too. add a splash page. I always leave my own stuff for much later...

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