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Okay... got myself a LiveJournal account...

Okay.... ::tap tap onna microphone:: is this thing on??? hello?


Thanks to Sagey for making me an account with this! :: huggles muchly ::

Uhm.. what to write? aside "credit the right side" and "debit the left side" cuz I just spent 9 hours doing Kelly's Carpets Accounting Practice set that we have to give in on Tuesday.. so don't mention accounting here, that and carpets... don't mention carpets for the next two weeks, cuz I've had enough of carpets to last me that much... can't believe I just mentioned the 'c' word here four times.....

Anyway..... ahem.. what to write.... no I don't lead that much of an exciting life.... :: is single and a librarian, what do you expect? ::

Thank God, the Midas Array ( is still standing...I've never been away from that place for so long... seriously! how do you think I got a reputation there for being online 24/7???

Right well.. that's it for my first entry, I guess... I'm off to play around with the settings on here... :: a-la Dee Dee:: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh what does THIS button do????????

:: runs off to play around with the settings and stuff:: uh-oh

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