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I think in the 8 hours I've been at work I got to sit down for like 2 minutes wihtout doing much of anything.. rest of the time it was shelving, shelf checking, showing patrons how to use the catalogue/databases, running to the photocopy room to fetch photocopies, dealing with grumpy patrons, dealing with stupid patrons. ('but I wanna buy this book' 'you can't, we dont' sell  books here' 'but I wanna buy this book, the teacher said we have to buy it' 'yes upstairs in the bookshop' 'nonono he said here in the library' *headdesk*) way too many people who hold out their books to check out at the same time! I kinda went "hang on! one at a time, allright? I'm only one person" I can only multitask so much, geez... but nope.. you get like three people all reaching out with their IDs and materials to check out AT THE SAME TIME! and if you take one person's stuff, the other two give you dirty/irritating looks... you can't win! And the number of times I had to tell people to take their phones and discussions outside of the library... this isn't a lounge room people!

I spent the day on a cup of youghurt,  2 cups of coffee and 2 cans of Dr. Pepper basically... (yah still can't stomach solid food as I found out early in the morning...)

Came home a wee bit sore...wrists especially... but then considering i've been working without any big breaks in between, yeah... go figure...This Deep Freeze spray I got is quite handy though. albei i think i have to dip my hands in that stuff at this stage... X_x 

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