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Turning a new page?

Many thanks to taylord1 for providing space for the Horizon so quickly (like before I pulled the plug on the ZonedOut forums....wasn't planning on pulling it today, but Gaffer stepped over the line, and that's the way the ball bounces....)  And many thanks for setting the new Horizon's forums up :) Highly appreciated. Have fun hacking them to your desire, until I decide what to do with the licence.

Slightly other news... Tempted to turn a new page in things, and change my nick everywhere to Gibbs or something.. consdiering I've hung onto DrDanielJackson/ Dr. Daniel Jackson for years now, (since about 2003 I believe....), considering what happened today...I think I'd like to start leaving this part of the past where it belongs.. in the past.

So.... variation of Gibbs of some sort.. though it'll be tricky on IRC as folks know me as DDJ on there..  might need to think more on it....something catchy maybe... I'm not too good with names....JGibbs, LJGibbs sounds too much like LiveJournal Gibbs?! JethroGibbs, my id is CaffeineGibbs.. hehe

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